Electronic Data And Voice Mail Disclosure Policy

The University of Louisville may disclose information on an individual's electronic data and voice mail usage under certain circumstances.

This document outlines University of Louisville policy with regard to access and disclosure of electronic data, including Internet usage and Voice Mail sent, received or accessed by university faculty, staff and students. Access may be given to persons outside of the University community on a case-by-case basis or under certain conditions when warranted. Disclosure of this information may not be given to the individual(s) involved. The use of electronic data and voice mail is provided for educational, research, administrative and health care purposes. The university community should limit their use for these purposes. Usage of electronic data and voice mail should adhere to other University policies. The University of Louisville can not guarantee the confidentiality or privacy of electronic data or voice mail messages. This should be kept in mind when using these services. Third party vendors are involved with both internet and voice mail data. All users of electronic data and voice mail should familiarize themselves with policies set forth by these vendors. These policies can be found at http://louisville.edu/it/policies/. The University does not monitor electronic communications on a routine basis; however, it does reserve the right to do so if instructed by legal authorities or for the purpose of system integrity or policy violations.