COVID-19 updates and resources for the University and UofL Student Acknowledgement (PDF).

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The SRC re-opened on Monday, June 15. Complete details of requirements and our efforts to make the SRC as safe as possible are posted here. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

picture of HSC Fitness Center entrance The HSC Fitness Center is now open every weekday from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Complete details of Covid 19 guidelines for users are available here. We look forward to seeing you soon!



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New! When the SRC re-opens, you will be able to renew your membership to the facility online. This will save you the time and necessity of renewing in-person in our office. New members may take the same link to fill out an application. At that time someone from our office will contact you and set up an appointment to have your ID made. Go to our membership page for further information.

woman exercising New! Starting Monday, July 13, the SRC will close at 8:00 PM weekdays rather than the current 7:00 PM. Thank you for your efforts in observing covid safety regulations as that helps us to expand hours of operation.

woman exercising New! If you were a student during the recently completed Spring semester, or are registered for summer classes, your membership to the SRC has been taken care of by your Student Government Association! Sincere thanks to SGA for making the SRC available this summer!

woman exercising New! Yes! Group Fitness classes will be available when we re-open on June 15. Here is information on the class schedule and types of classes that will be available. Two classes per week will also be conducted online. We also encourage you to look at the modifications and requirements for our re-opening here. 

Single runner on road New! Were you planning on going somewhere fun this summer but Covid caused those plans to be canceled? Go anyway with our Mile Club! With the Mile Club you can virtually travel to your destination. Just tell us where you are going and we will calculate the miles then you can start your journey. You can download the free Strava app then under the Club tab, join the UofL SRC Mile Club to track your miles or simply email your destination and weekly totals here. Once you reach your destination by walking, jogging, running, hiking or biking the miles, we'll send you one of our champion t-shirts.

IM Awards Trophy 2020The IM Awards went virtual this year! On Wednesday, April 22nd, recipients of this year's awards were presented throughout the day via our Twitter account @UL_IMS . Congratulations to all of this year's champions! Click here for all of the award winners!

female on a floor mat with one leg forward New! Here are some great workouts you can do from home. Body weight exercises can provide a great workout. Click here to see some of those. Get your heart rate up by planning a great circuit workout. Here's how to do that. Use a wash cloth or hand towel as a slider and add come challenge to some of your movements. Click here to see how. Lots of people have resistance bands in their homes. Here's a great article with a full body workout using those. 

person standing in yoga position with one foot on the opposite knee New! With so much uncertainty going on around us it is easy to become overwhelmed and need some extra guidance in our lives right now. With the SRC and all other gyms closed at this time we have to get creative in finding ways to be active and get some exercise as an outlet for our stress and maintaining our fitness. This is where the SRC Fitness Staff can help. Beginning Monday, April 6th we will be offering Virtual Fitness Consultations Monday through Friday from 10 AM – 3 PM. These 1-on-1 sessions will take about 15 minutes and would offer tips/ ideas of how to incorporate exercise into your day with what you have in your home. To schedule an appointment simply click here to email and we'll set up your date and time.

group fitness class holding dumb bellsNew! As things continue to evolve and change from day to day so has our medium for bringing you opportunities to stay active/ fit while working and studying from home. Beginning Friday our instructors will be moving from Live online classes being recorded inside the SRC to recording ‘Workouts of the Day’ from home and uploading them onto our Instagram (@ulsrc) and Twitter (@IMFit_UL & @ULSRC) accounts. These will be 1-2 minute videos that will have demonstrations of the exercises and instruction on how many sets and reps to complete for the workout. We will be uploading 1-2 workouts per day until it is safe for our Instructors to return to the SRC for live class instruction.


Information on how to plan jogging/walking/running and biking routes here.

Find out how to play games online with the Cardinal Gaming Club here.  

Tell us what you are doing to stay active during the Covid-19 scenario and you could win one of our champion t-shirts!  

Video your best trick shot to win one of our Intramural Champion T shirts. 

an empty basketball courtWant to know more about the Student Recreation Center and the Intramural Sports Department? Check out our new video! Click here to see the video and learn more about recreational programs and facilities available for University of Louisville students.

We offer both recreational and competitive leagues, clubs, fitness programs and facility use that focus on providing participants with exercise, recreation, competition, and fun. It doesn't matter whether you're a veteran athlete or a first-time participant. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you that will provide a sense of community and belonging between yourself and the University.


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