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Montpellier Summer Work Exchange

FRANCE: Montpellier Summer Work Exchange

Sponsored by Sister Cities of Louisville, Inc.,  the University of Louisville, and the Mayor’s Office of International Relations in Montpellier, France.

Applications available at the International Center (Brodschi Hall) or by emailing Cathy at

THE PROGRAM: The Montpellier Work Exchange began in 1954 as one of the many activities run jointly by the city of Louisville and her sister city, Montpellier in France.  It is the longest-standing Sister City exchange in the United States. The program provides students with the opportunity to live and work in Montpellier, France during the month of July, enabling them to gain first-hand knowledge of French culture and expanding their abilities in the French language.  At the same time, the city of Louisville hosts a comparable group of students from Montpellier, enabling them to gain first-hand knowledge of U.S. culture and to have time to practice their English.


The paid jobs provide practical experience in using French in the workplace.  Students are cautioned to see these jobs less as training in a specific field and more as creative opportunities for them to practice the language and learn more about the French lifestyle. 


There is a non-refundable administrative $50 application fee.  An additional non-refundable program fee of $350 is due from U of L students within 10 days after notification of acceptance. Non-U of L students program fee is $400.  (Money order only, payable to the University of Louisville.)  Students are responsible for covering their other costs:  airfare, room and board, local travel, and assorted other personal expenses.  A basic budget estimate for this program is $4,500.  Financial Aid and other scholarship support may be available through the Dept. of  Classical and Modern Languages for U of L students. 


Students make their own travel arrangements; however, the International Center can  help with this.  Students must also purchase International Student ID cards from the International Center at a cost of $22.  This card provides basic emergency insurance and access to student discounts.

The 2014 dates will be Saturday, June 28 – Friday, July 25, 2014. First day of work: June 30, 2014



Students reside in dormitories and are responsible to cover the costs of their room and board.  The estimated amount for the room is $500, including linens and room deposit. Incidental expenses, including meals, are estimated at $2,000.


Each student is assigned a local host family, which serves as a community liaison.  Students do not live with the host families, but participate in various activities with them.



Students from any discipline, who are US citizens, are welcome to apply.  They must be full-time students at the time of application, with plans to continue their studies upon their return. Graduating seniors must provide documentation of acceptance to graduate school in order to be eligible.  Students must have a GPA of 2.75 or better and be at the 300-level or above in French courses.  They must maintain an overall GPA of 2.75 through the spring semester prior to their program abroad. Students whose GPA falls below 2.75 risk rejection from the program.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 


Complete applications include:

·         Completed application (in English and in French)

·         A French “Letter of Motivation” (cover letter)

·         French resume

·         An English “Letter of Motivation” (cover letter)

·         English resume

·         Full transcript (unofficial is acceptable)

·         For graduating seniors, letter of acceptance or other documentation for graduate school

·         2 Recommendations from faculty members; other letters may also be submitted

·         Photocopy of passport (or copy of passport application)

·         $50 non-refundable application fee (money order only)



U of L students may earn up to six credit hours in French in French 551 (Oral Practicum) and/or 552 (Research project).  Tuition Remission is available to U of L students only. (Complete the U of L Dept/Tuition Remission form, which is in the MWEX Study Abroad Packet, and submit along with a confirmation of your course registration to the IC. Approval will then be sent to the Bursar’s Office for the remission.)

Non-UofL students may be able to work out credit arrangements with their home institutions.



U of L students accepted for the Montpellier Work Exchange (WEX) are expected to complete the U of L Study Abroad Packet which includes forms for financial advising, tuition remission, emergency contact, and student responsibility.  Students from other institutions will be required to complete a slightly different study abroad packet.

These materials, along with 2 extra passport-sized photos, are to be submitted by April 14.


E-mail Cathy Felten, Department of Classical and Modern Languages at (502) 852-6686 for further details. Mailing address: Classical and Modern Languages / Bingham Humanities Building / Rm 332 / University of Louisville / Louisville, KY 40292.


Applications available here, at the International Center (Brodschi Hall) or by emailing Cathy at


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