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Forwarding Service for UofL Retirees

Follow the steps below to set up a forwarding service from your email address to a personal email account.

Click the following link for printer-friendly instructions.

Note: Steps 3-10 below cannot be taken until your UofL email account is closed (when you are no longer on the payroll).

  1. Forward any existing email in your Exchange (Outlook) account to the personal account you will be using. (You will not be able to retrieve these personal emails once your account is closed.)
  2. If you have any personal email in M+ Archive, log in to that system and forward those messages to your personal account as well.
  3. Log in to ULink
  4. On the My Page tab, select Email Addresses (under Information Technology).
  5. Under Your email will be forwarded to, enter the personal email address to which you will forward your email (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.).
  6. Under Your Chosen Nicknames Include, enter the email nickname you would like to use as your email address. Example: Or, you may get a nickname suggestion by clicking Yes, Suggest.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  8. Specify whether you would like to be included in the public, online directory of UofL retirees.
  9. Click Save
  10. Send a test email to your newly forwarded email address to make sure the forwarding works properly.