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Sending a Mass Email

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when sending a mass email to UofL faculty, staff or students.

Important Things to Remember When Sending a Mass Email

  • You must use a service account to send mass emails, rather than your personal UofL email account. This is true even if you are sending the email to Exchange (Outlook) or CardMail contacts within the university.
  • Your message must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM). Information Technology will obtain this approval for you.
  • Keep lists separate, using Exchange for Exchange addresses and Cardmail for Cardmail addresses. Sending your student email from a CardMail service account will help prevent your message from being marked as spam by the email system, and will avoid extra routing and potential routing failures that may occur between the Exchange (Outlook) system and CardMail.
  • If you send mass emails to students only, please request a CardMail service account from Information Technology by filling out the service account request form.
  • Email lists generated by PeopleSoft may provide email addresses such as This email address routes through the spam quarantine and is more vulnerable to delivery issues when sent in high volume. Therefore, it is recommended that you utilize the address book listing, or when mailing students utilize the address while also using a Cardmail service account.
  • It’s a good idea to avoid using your saved address book contacts. Instead, use the Global Address List to obtain the most current information. Addresses change, and if you are using your own personal mailing list, you will need to verify that all address information is still current to avoid your messages being undeliverable.
  • Once you are ready to send your message, please email IT a sample of the email at from the service account you intend to use for distribution. Please indicate how many recipients you will have, and on what date you plan to send the email. Make sure to include any attachments when sending this sample email, and make sure they fit within the 20MB size limit. Please indicate if you intend for this to be a recurring distribution.
  • Information Technology will then send the message to OCM on your behalf. Once the approval has been received by the Communications and Marketing Department, you will receive confirmation of both the approval from Communications and Marketing and also a confirmation of setup from the Secure Access Management Team.
  • Mass email must be sent outside the normal work schedule; for example, after 5:00 p.m. or on weekends.

Options for sending email to students(PDF)