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A Listserv is a mailing list for distributing information to a specific group via email. With a Listserv, you are able to create, manage and control your distribution list online. Below you will find some helpful tips for using Listservs.

Helpful Tips for Using Listservs

  • Watch Your Replies

    When replying to a message from the Listserv, remember that your reply will go out to everyone on the list (not to the person who wrote the original message). Avoid sending a personal message to the whole group!

  • Proofread Carefully

    Once you press "send," you cannot retract an email sent to a Listserv list. Proofread carefully for spelling and make sure the content of your email is correct.

  • Use a Meaningful Subject Line

    Use the subject line to give list members an indication of the content of the message.

  • Start with a New Message

    If you are sending a message to the Listserv on a new or different topic, do not reply to an old message - start with a new one! This will keep your subject matter clear.

  • Check Tone and Clarity

    Remember that your message is going out to a group of people. You want your message to be easy to understand. Review the tone of your message; look for anything that might need clarification (or that might be misunderstood).

For additional details about using a Listserv, see our Listserv FAQ.