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Creating an Email Gateway

If you want to allow your web page visitors to send you an email - without the risk of publishing your email address out to the web - you need an email gateway! Read on to learn how to create an email gateway and safely allow visitors to email you from the web.

Creating an Email Gateway


Create an email gateway by using a customized version of the link below:

See where the end of the link says userid? That is just a placeholder for your ULink userid or email nickname. Delete that placeholder and add in your userid or email nickname, for example:

  • Name: Jim Jamal Jones
  • Link:


  • Email Nickname: Jim.Jones
  • Link:

Place this link where you would want to place your email address on your web page. When a visitor clicks this link on your web page, they will be directed to an email form with fields to capture their email address, name, and the subject and body of their message.

See an example of this form at:

Setting a Subject for Gateway Mail

If you prefer, you may also create a pre-set subject for the mail generated by your email gateway. To do so, take the link you created above and add:


  1. "name=” in front of your userid or nickname (example:
  2. “&subject=THIS+IS+THE+SUBJECT” at the end of your link, replacing “THIS IS THE SUBJECT” with your own subject (example: