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Related Topics

Need more email info? The links below may provide answers!

SharePoint-Outlook Integration

Integrate calendar, tasks and documents from SharePoint to Outlook.

Service Accounts

Need to request a new service account? Not sure how to add a new user to your account? Click here for all the information you need to manage your service account.

Resources and Distribution Lists

Do you manage conference rooms or other resources? Need to add someone to a distribution list? Click here for information on managing resources and distribution lists.

Supported Clients

Not sure which email client you should use on your PC, Mac or Linux computer? Click here for a rundown of email clients supported by IT.

Cisco Secured Email

Need to send a secure email? Click here for everything you need to know about Cisco Secured Email

Using Exchange (Outlook) at home

Do you need to use the Outlook desktop client at home? Check out how to prepare your home computer for Exchange (Outlook)

Creating an Email Gateway

If you want to allow your web page visitors to send you an email - without the risk of publishing your email address out to the web - you need an email gateway! Learn how to create an email gateway and safely allow visitors to email you from the web.

Using Listserv Lists

A Listserv is a mailing list for distributing information to a specific group via email. With a Listserv, you are able to create, manage and control your distribution list online. Read on to learn more about Listserv lists!

IMAP Settings

Setting up your mobile device using IMAP? Find the setting you need at

Sending a Mass Email

Review these guidelines for sending a mass email to UofL faculty, staff or students.

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Click here for documentation on the SCCM 2012 upgrade

Check for the latest SCCM reports.

Use the checklists below to troubleshoot the installation of SCCM on PCs within your unit of support.

SCCM Client Checklist for Windows 7

SCCM Client Checklist for Windows Vista

SCCM Client Checklist for Windows XP


A few additional things to check while troubleshooting are detailed in the document below.

Troubleshooting SCCM Deployments