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Setting Up a BlackBerry with Exchange

Ordering a BlackBerry

  1. Place an order for a BlackBerry device. You may do this through your UBM or make arrangements through a cellular vendor. It is strongly suggested that you sign up for an unlimited data plan. These plans do cost more per month, but the cost is significantly lower than the cost of frequent additional overage charges beyond plan allocation. Note: If you are setting up a personal BlackBerry to receive Exchange email, please see the Mobility FAQs.
  2. Request a free BlackBerry license using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server license online request form. During the request process you will need to specify your Tier I’s name.
  3. Once the BlackBerry license request form is complete, the user and the Tier I will receive an email containing the correct email address and password needed for activation. The activation password is only good for 48 hours.

Activating a BlackBerry:
  1. Go to Options >Advanced Options > Enterprise Activation.
  2. Enter your email address in the following format:
  3. Enter into the device the activation password you received via email, then select activate.
  4. Press the Menu button and select Activate.
  5. NOTE: The activation process can take up to 45 minutes. If you get any errors, reply back to the email that contained the email address and password with a description of the error and IT will look in to the problem.

  6. Synchronize Exchange contacts to the BlackBerry.

Setting BlackBerry Options

For assistance completing these options, please refer to the documentation for your specific BlackBerry model.


  1. Date/Time. – Should be set to Eastern Time (-5), time might need to be set to correct time, and ensure that Auto Time Set: is Enabled.
  2. Messages/Options/ Email Reconciliation:
    • Delete on: Mailbox & handheld
    • Wireless Reconcile: On
    • On Conflicts: Handheld wins

    • Hide Filed Messages = Yes
    • Hide Sent Items = Yes


  1. Options - Security
    • Lock Upon Holstering
  2. Options - Owner
    • Input desired screen info for locked display
  3. Message/Options/General Options
    • Keep Messages = xx days
  4. Profiles
    • Edit profiles to be used, setting Level 1 Messages, Messages, and Phone to desired tones and/or settings.