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Mobile Email for Exchange

Use the information on this page to set up your mobile device to access your Exchange email account.

Students: Looking for information on setting up CardMail on your mobile device? For additional help, contact the IT HelpDesk at 502-852-7997 or


BlackBerry? Click Here.

You have two options for accessing your Exchange email account with your BlackBerry device:

  • Option 1: Request a BlackBerry Enterprise Account. (Allows you to sync your Exchange email, contacts and calendars. There is no need to purchase a license, but additional costs from your wireless service provider may apply.) To choose this option:
  1. Fill out the BlackBerry Enterprise Account request form.
  2. Once you have an account, follow the steps outlined in these BlackBerry Setup Instructions.
  • Option 2: Access your email through IMAP. (You will not be able to sync your contacts or calendars. No additional cost.) To choose this option, follow these BlackBerry IMAP Setup Instructions

Another Mobile Device? Click Here.

If you use a mobile device other than BlackBerry, you already have a mobile email account and are ready to set up your device to access it. You may also sync your Exchange contacts and calendars to your device. Follow these Mobile Device Setup Instructions to get started.


Check out the mobility FAQs.

Check out the Mobile Device Comparison Chart for a run-down of the Exchange functions supported by each device.

If you need additional help, contact the IT HelpDesk at 502-852-7997 or

Remember, university email accounts are to be used by faculty, staff and administrators in the performance of their job duties and by students to aid them in their education.