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Email Archive Overview

Information Technology implemented a new centralized email archiving system as part of the move to the Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) email system. In April, 2013, this system (M+ Archive) was updated and rebranded to NetMail Archive. This page provides information on the university's email archiving system.

Differences Between M+ and NetMail

Click here for an explanation of the differences between the old M+ Archive system and the upgraded NetMail Archive system.

Install the Outlook NetMail Add-in

Click here for instructions on how to install an add-in that will allow you to access your NetMail email archives directly from your Outlook client.

Upgrade the Outlook NetMail Add-in

Click here for instructions on how to directly upgrade an add-in from your Outlook client.

Benefits of a Centralized Email Archive

  • Archiving is taken care of automatically. You do not have to specify where to archive.
  • Your archives are protected as part of IT's standard disaster recovery practices, eliminating the potential for loss.
  • Your archives are accessible almost anywhere.

GroupWise-Exchange Email Archive Merge

  • Click the appropriate link below if you have both GroupWise and Exchange (Outlook) email archives - these were merged March 22-24, 2013.


GroupWise-Exchange Email Archive Merge

GroupWise-Exchange Archive Post-Merge Instructions

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