Institutional Compliance

Providing independent oversight of the University's Compliance Program

Institutional Compliance

When in doubt, point it out!

University of Louisville employees (administrators, faculty and staff) have a duty to report knowledge or suspicion of misconduct, violations of law and/or university policy or other wrongdoing.

Reports of non-compliance may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

      • academics
      • athletics
      • environmental health and safety
      • financial transactions
      • health affairs
      • human resources
      • information security
      • privacy
      • research

How do you report potential compliance related concerns?

Option 1: Talk to your supervisor or other management.

We encourage you to report your concerns or suspicions to your supervisor, or to another member of management; the Compliance Directory provides contact information of these officials. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to your supervisor or you have reason to believe he or she is involved and/or previous reports haven’t been acted upon, the university offers a Compliance Hotline.

Option 2: Report using the University’s Compliance Hotline.

The Compliance Hotline is a reporting mechanism operated by a third party vendor and managed by the university’s Institutional Compliance Office. The Compliance Hotline offers two methods for employees to report potential non-compliance activities:

    1. Call the toll-free number at 1-877-852-1167and a third party trained risk specialist will document your information and generate a written report.
    2. Write and submit your own report via “Compliance Hotline Reporting” link available at ULink. The online electronic reporting option is found within the “External Links” section of the Faculty/Staff Services tab of ULink.

    The third party vendor will provide your report to the university’s Institutional Compliance Office for follow-up and resolution. You may provide your contact information to the third party or remain anonymous. University compliance officials will ensure confidentiality insofar as legal and practical.

    How are you protected?

    It is a violation of university policy to engage in retaliation, retribution, or any form of harassment against an employee for reporting a compliance related concern. However, self-reporting will not protect an employee from the consequences of his or her own misconduct. Please read the university’s Duty to Report and Non-Retaliation Policy.

    Help us maintain an ethical environment. When in doubt, point it out!

    Contact the university’s Institutional Compliance Office at

    Download and Print the Compliance Hotline Poster (PDF 11"x17")