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Center for Regulatory and Environmental Analytical Metabolomics - CREAM

New Chemistry Instrument Vastly Expands Research Capabilities

The College of Arts & Sciences’ Center for Regulatory, Environmental and Analytical Metabolomics (CREAM) installed a cutting edge instrument that will be used by researchers in the departments of Chemistry, Biology, Bioengineering, and Biomedical Sciences, as well as those from other universities around the country.

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In 2006, the Department of Chemistry, in partnership with the James Graham Brown Cancer Center (JBCC) at the University of Louisville (UofL), was awarded a NSF/EPSCoR Metabolomics Initiative Infrastructure Award (EPS-0447479) to establish a program for analytical metabolomics. Since its inception, this program has been developing cutting-edge methodologies and approaches for the emerging metabolomic and system biochemical research.

The mission of the center is to develop cutting-edge methodologies and approaches for emerging metabolomic and system biochemical research. This area of research has the promise of revolutionizing biological research in the 21st century for the ability to resolve biological complexity. Thus, metabolomic development will find applications in a broad array of pressing societal problems ranging from human health, biotechnology, to environmental pollution and ecosystem health.

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