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Brief Urban Design Area Studies (BUDAS)

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Working with local neighborhood organizations, non-profits, and other organizations and institutions, the Urban Design Studio conducts preliminary research and group workshop facilitation to help develop conceptual plans, studies, and other services to understand and improve specific sites throughout the community. These studies are intended to help stakeholders understand and develop implementation plans to improve their built environment in a collaborative atmosphere.

Map of Story Avenue

Story Avenue Park BUDAS

Louisville has an incredible network of public parks that are nationally renown, however the city does not stack up as favorably to other cities when looking at the neighborhood level of accessibility to greenspace, which si often rated by walkability measures. In order to improve our community's accessibility to parks and greenspace, the Urban Design Studio has focused efforts on building community and stakeholder support for pocket parks and other greenspaces within neighborhoods.

Building on our work with schoolyard projects as outdoor classrooms and various park and urban agriculture concept plans, the Urban Design Studio offers technical support in concept plan development for interested groups and organizations around the city and region through our Brief Urban Design Area Study (BUDAS) program.

This Story Avenue Park: Brief Urban Design Area Study (BUDAS) report was created by the Urban Design Studio in collaboration with the Butchertown Neighborhood Association to develop a concept master plan for the existing Story Avenue Park, located in the Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. Through the generosity of local stakeholders and Metro Parks, the park was given new life with the removal of an underutilized structure that occupied a significant portion of the site. With the new "blank slate" that was created, the Urban Design Studio worked with the neighborhood to develop a concept master plan.

Map of Finzer Street

400 Finzer Street BUDAS

This study, by the Urban Design Studio, examines and expresses the potential to develop the current surface lot at 400 Finzer Street adjacent to the new Shephard Square Hope VI development just south of Broadway in Louisville, Kentucky.

Map of Louisville Stoneware

Louisville Stoneware BUDAS

This study, by the Urban Design Studio, examines and expresses the potential to develop the area of Paristown Pointe, near the intersection of Broadway and Barrett Avenue into a unique commerce and tourist destination in Louisville, Kentucky.

Cover of Sobro report

SoBro Report 2007

In 2007 the Urban Design Studio, working with University of Kentucky architecture students, studied the SoBro (South of Broadway) neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. This report was all but lost due to a hard drive melt down, but has finally been put back together. Many of the issues that existed in the area are still present today so we thought we would upload the document to help contribute to the body of work that has been done and is continuing to evolve for the neighborhood.

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