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Collaborative Creative Placemaking

Collaborative Creative Placemaking

Oct. 19, 2016

Inspired by the great work by the Better Block Foundation on their new Wikiblock: a toolkit for Creating Better Blocks, we at the Urban Design Studio and City Collaborative are working to catalog the tactical urbanism tools we have used from recycled materials and new builds on projects such as ReSurfaced and Park(ing) Day. The hope is that we can provide ideas for others through DIY elements we've used to activate spaces, from temporary barriers to bamboo pyramid lanterns and beyond. Moving forward, we will be collaborating with other local civic-minded groups and individuals to design new and innovative tools that can be shared to catalyze creative placemaking.

Through our partnership with City Collaborative, we will have the opportunity to utilize the three-quarter acre ReSurfaced: The Liberty Build site as a platform for creative placemaking experimentation. The fall activation of the space ends on October 29th, but the site continues to evolve and will be used for special programs until the spring activation.

If you are interested in creative placemaking and would like to know more about how you and/or your organization can get involved in testing design ideas and the continued evolution of the ReSurfaced site, please contact Patrick Piuma.

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