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Guidelines and FAQ


Teaching in the TILL Classroom

UofL is on a trajectory to create excellence in engaged teaching and improve student learning spaces. We invite you to experience such a learning space for yourself, either by teaching here or observing others, and explore the possibilities for your own teaching.

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What is the TILL classroom?

The TILL is offering UofL faculty new ways to increase student engagement.

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The TILL classroom is a learning and research space designed to provide UofL faculty members and students with unique opportunities to explore active learning pedagogies, rich technology resources, and flexible furniture arrangements.

The TILL classroom’s moveable tables, node chairs, and multiple monitors allow instructors and students to seamlessly move between lecture, discussion, and collaboration. To learn more about the classroom’s design features and technology, click here.

Guidelines for Faculty

In order to advance the TILL’s research goals of designing and experimenting with pedagogical innovation—especially collaborative, high-engagement, and active learning approaches (with or without technology)—we invite you to partner with us by teaching a minimum of three classes in the TILL and by collaborating with us in the following ways:

Can I teach just one of my classes in the TILL classroom?

We invite you to partner with our staff to engage in meaningful exploration of the space. To maximize the impact of this experience, we have found that 3 or 4 class sessions allow both faculty and students to acclimate to the space and fully utilize its affordances. Requests to use the TILL classroom for a single class will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

I have read the guidelines and I would like to teach in the TILL classroom. What should I do?

Complete a short online web form which is available here. The form includes an agreement to adhere to the expectations stated above and gathers general information about you, your course, and your instructional goals as follows:

What happens if my class session in the TILL classroom “bombs”?

No problem! The opportunity for learning and growth goes through the roof. We encourage exploration, innovation, failure, and continuous improvement. This is a learning lab, after all, and if you are afraid of failure, this may not be the place for you.

Can I schedule the TILL classroom for meetings?

No. To meet the demand for innovative classroom space, we are not using the TILL Classroom as a faculty, student, or staff meeting space or multi-purpose room.

How much lead time should I plan for?

The classroom space is in high demand so the earlier you make your request, the better the chance the room will be available. We’ll be in touch to set up that time within 48 hours of receiving your online web form.

Interested but want to talk about your plans before applying?

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