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Why Innovation?


Innovation empowers learning.

At the University of Louisville, faculty demonstrate an unrelenting commitment toward excellence in the education of our students.

“As increasingly diverse types of learners enter higher education, the challenge of engaging those students in their own learning so that they experience success becomes more imperative.”

Source: Measuring Engaged Learning in College Students: Beyond the Borders of NSSE [PDF]

An increasing and diverse student population uncovers the need to explore, embrace and pioneer new approaches that ensure the success of every student. As a community, the university can utilize advancements in technology, research and assessment to enrich the learning experience, adapt to student needs and improve learning outcomes.

"There is a defined need for providing support for faculty to allow experimentation and new methods of teaching so our faculty can continually strive to educate their students in the best way possible.

The TILL will provide a level of support and structure that we do not currently have at the university that will allow our students and faculty to thrive."
- Dr. Neville Pinto
Acting President

Engagement contributes to student success.

Improving student outcomes is central to the role of faculty.


The increase in final student grades when the pedagogical approach was adjusted to increase student engagement.

Source: Pedagogy and Space: Empirical Research on New Learning Environments

With a shift in pedagogical approaches, deeper student engagement can lead to improved performance and better understanding of subject matter.

"To truly be effective with all students, you really need to teach so there is engagement of the student with the teaching and learning process.

It requires a different configuration of classroom, requires a different type of relationship between the teacher and the student, and most times it requires a different format for the way that the material is presented."
- Dr. Neville Pinto
Acting President

Creating excellence in engaged teaching.

Student engagement is best supported by engaged teaching.


Average improvement in exam scores with an active learning approach.

Source: PNAS

Given the opportunity to develop new approaches, test emerging technologies the faculty at UofL will drive success for the 21st century student. Through idea exchange and faculty collaboration, these teaching innovations will impact students across all disciplines.

"The TILL is a gathering space, a learning space, and an experimental space. And it has the people and the equipment that will assist our faculty in becoming better teachers."
- Dr. Neville Pinto
Acting President