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Hit the ground running
in the Belknap Academic Building this semester.


Teaching in the Belknap Academic Building?

Connect with colleagues and share your teaching experiences by participating in these new opportunities

BAB Classroom Open Houses

Are you teaching in the Belknap Academic Building for the first time this spring? Did you teach in the BAB in the past and now are ready to use more of the building’s technology? Or, are you interested in teaching in the BAB sometime in the future and want to see what the building offers? Check out what you can do in a BAB active learning classroom!

Meet briefly in a BAB classroom to gain an overview of the building’s technology features and classroom amenities. These informal, hands-on, one-hour sessions will give you an opportunity to experiment with the technology in your own classroom (or one similar to it). Support staff will be on hand to answer your questions and demonstrate technology tools for active learning classrooms.

Faculty Resources

Want to know more about active learning or classroom technology? These resources can help.