2017 General Election Voting Information

The SGA General Election will take place on Monday February 27, Tuesday February 28, and Wednesday March 1. All Students will able to vote for the Top 4 SGA Executive Officer Positions  (President, Executive VP, Academic VP, and Services VP). Students will also be able to vote for the following  Student Council Officers: College of Arts and Science, College of Business, School of Nursing, College of Education and Human Development, School of Music, School of Public Health, School of Engineering, Graduate School Council.

Students eligible to vote will receive an email that contains a specific ballot link. Students may also log on to their Blackboard account to find a customized link to the ballot on the opening screen. Since we are sending more than 19,000 emails - not everyone will get their email at the exact same time. Students who want to vote on early on Monday February 27  before they receive their email should log on to their Blackboard account to access the ballot link.

For questions concerning the general election, please direct them to SGA Supreme Court Chief Justice, Sarah Pennington - Sarah.pennington@uoflsga.org

For questions concerning council elections within the General Elections, please direct them to SGA Supreme Court Justice assigned to your college’s circuit.

      • Sarah Pennington, Chief Justice Sarah.pennington@uoflsga.org Circuit Assignment: Graduate School
      • Macey Mayes, Associate Justice macey.mayes@uoflsga.org Circuit Assignment: College of Arts and Science
      • Taylor Forns, Associate Justice taylor.forns@uoflsga.org Circuit Assignment: School of Nursing, School of Public Health
      • Marianna Michael, Associate Justice marianna.michael@uoflsga.org Circuit Assignment: Kent School
      • Natasha Mundkur, Associate Justice natasha.mundkr@uoflsga.org Circuit Assignment: College of Business, School of Public Health

If you have technical issues with the voting system - please direct your questions and concerns here.

2017 SGA General Election Rules

2017 Election Ballot (pdf)