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Financing your Graduate Degree

Finding the money to pay for your graduate education can be a daunting task, especially with the rising cost of tuition and living expenses. However, with a little time and effort, you can make your education more affordable. Be sure to review the UofL Financial Aid website and ASPPH Financing Your Degree website.  For additional support, here are other sources you might explore:

A UofL education is an excellent investment in your future. For additional information on educational expenses and the Cost of Attendance, please visit the Student Financial Aid Office’s website.

-- Loans and scholarships
-- Fellowships
-- Employment
-- Teaching and research assistantships

Loans and Scholarships

Loans can come from private organizations or from the government. Banks can provide private loans and organizations may offer need-based scholarships for exceptional students. Applicants wishing to receive government aid and/or federally subsidized loans must fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You must fill out the FAFSA by the deadline to receive full consideration for many forms of aid, including scholarships.

-- Loans
-- Outside Scholarships
-- Other Scholarships


Fellowships and Grants are awards that do not have to be paid back. The award can be institutional (offered by the university or the academic department) or "portable" (external funding offered by an organization or agency).Many deadlines for fellowships and grants occur early in the academic year, so it is important to prepare your materials in advance and apply early.

-- University Fellowship Opportunities

On- and Off-Campus Employment

You may also wish to pursue part-time or full-time employment to help pay for school. If you wish to work full-time, we recommend that you attend school part-time to ensure that you have adequate time to study for your classes. To search for jobs on- or off-campus, we recommend that you use Handshake, the job listings database of the UofL Career Center. On-campus jobs are conveniently located and may be more willing to accommodate your course schedule. There are also a number of off-campus public-health related organizations and businesses in the area that may be able to provide you with employment opportunities.

-- UofL Career Development Center Handshake
-- Jobs at UofL
-- APHA Job Search
-- Public Health Jobs

Teaching and Research Assistantships

Teaching and research assistantships are paid positions that support faculty with their teaching and  research responsibilities.  At UofL, the most commonly paid assistantship positions are Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) and a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA).  GTAs and GRAs are high achieving students that and able to handle the challenges of being a full-time student and working 20 hours per week.  These positions are based on funding availability.  The MSc in Clinical Investigation Sciences and the MPH Program do not have assistantships at this time.

Indiana Tuition Reciprocity

The University of Louisville is participating in an Indiana Tuition Reciprocity Program for residents of Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Perry, Scott, and Washington Counties who have been admitted directly into an approved program. Eligible participants are required to notify the Admissions Office prior to their first enrollment and the Registrar's Office after their first enrollment of any changes in the enrollment status, if they no longer live in one of the eligible counties, or no longer in an eligible program. The University reserves the right to further investigate and require documentation of eligibility for tuition reciprocity.

Seven States - In-State Tuition

MPH and MSHA students are eligible to pay the in-state tuition rate if their state of residency is one of the bordering states (Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia) of Kentucky. 

Senior Citizen Tuition Remission
The University offers tuition remission to individuals who are classified by admissions as residents of Kentucky and are at least 65 years of age on, or before, the first day of classes for the semester. Special costs, such as course fees and parking, are not covered by this program and are the financial responsibility of the student. Proof of age may be shown by presenting a Kentucky driver’s license or other age verification document such as a Kentucky issued photo ID at the Bursar's Office.

UofL Student Payment Plan

The University of Louisville offers manageable interest-free monthly payment plans. Students and their parents have the option of choosing a semester payment plan for the current semester in which the student is enrolled for a nominal application fee.


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