Co-curricular Requirement

Students enrolled in an academic degree program (MS or PhD) are required to receive a broad introduction to public health.  This accreditation requirement is met through the completion of a 2 credit hour co-curricular course (PHPH-523 Introduction to Public Health) within the first two semesters of coursework.  Students may receive a waiver of this requirement if they have met one of the following:

  • Received an undergraduate degree in public health or a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from a CEPH-accredited school or program
  • Had sufficient course work in public health that would comprise a broad introduction to public health in the judgment of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Admissions applications will be reviewed in order to determine if the waiver criteria has been met.  Students will be notified prior to the beginning of their first semester of coursework if the co-curricular course must be completed.  However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to request a waiver if they feel it appropriate.  All waiver decisions must be completed prior to the end of the students first semester of coursework.  Waivers are approved by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and maintained by the Office of Student Services.  For further information contact the Office of Student Services at 502-852-3289.

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