Health Management
& Systems Science



Application for Language Credits (online form completed via A&S)
Please work with your advisor to inquire.  

Change, Add or Declare Major\Minor
If you are wishing to declare a new major or minor, please review for next steps.

Course Exception
If you would like a course considered to substitute a degree requirement, please complete the following form. 

Course Waiver Request
If you would like have a degree requirement considered for waiver (ie: Foreign Language for ESL students), please complete the following form.  Course waivers will not be considered for University GER requirements.

Degree Application
If you are planning to receive your degree, you will need to fill out a degree application online. The degree application process will be available on the Web through ULink. You must apply for graduation the beginning of the semester in which you intend to graduate

Drop-Add Form (PDF)
If you need to add or drop a course after the University’s listed deadline, please use this form.  Please note—submission of this form does not guarantee your request.

If you are a full-time student in good standing, then you may be interested in taking a course during the fall or spring semester at a Kentuckiana Metroversity Institution. 

Petition to late Withdraw (PDF)
If you need to consider a selective or full semester withdraw from Public Health, due to extenuating circumstances, please use this form and work with your advisor. 

Re-Enrollment Form
If you are a returning student who has not taken courses elsewhere (excluding visiting status), you may use this form.  Eligible students have not attended UofL at least one semester but has attended in the past two year and are academically eligible. 

Request to Overenroll
If you are wishing to take more than 18 credit hours in a semester, please use this form.  You must be in good academic standing to inquire.

Sample Plan of Study (POS)
You can review it as a guide to understand the degree program as well as see the 4 year flight plan for a BA/BS degree in Public Health.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals (SAP)
If you are a student who has not made satisfactory progress towards your degree, you can work with the financial aid office and your advisor to complete a SAP Appeal.

Title IX Brochure Regarding Internship/Co-Ops/Student  Teaching/Clinical Students

Transfer Credit Pre-Evaluations
For students considering transferring to UofL, please consider working with the Office of Transfer & Adult services to complete a pre-evaluation of your current credit.

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