Cecille Marczinski, PhD

New R15 grant to continue research

Photo of Dr. Marczinski

Dr. Marczinski’s new R15 grant will allow her to continue her research that examines the combined effects of alcohol and energy drinks in social drinkers using laboratory-based methods. The aims of the research are:

1) to determine whether the consumption of AmED leads to more drinking when compared with the consumption of alcohol alone, particularly in novice drinkers, and

2) to examine the disconnect between cognitive impairment, motor impairment, and subjective state for AmED as compared to alcohol alone.

Consistent with AREA program objectives, this work will also expand undergraduate student research in human psychopharmacology and better enable students from Kentucky, a state traditionally underrepresented in biomedical sciences, to successfully advance in biomedical graduate programs.

Partially funded by KBRIN, Dr. Marczinski’s research was cited in recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigations into the safety of caffeinated alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and other caffeinated foods and beverages.

Her findings have also drawn attention from the national media. She was interviewed by reporters for the CNN and ABC television networks, Time magazine and National Public Radio.

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