CUREs Award: Lili Ma

  • Institution: Northern Kentucky University

  • Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Rank: Associate Professor

  • Project Title: UROCC: Undergraduate Research in Organic Chemistry Course

  • About the project: The Undergraduate Research in Organic Chemistry Course (UROCC) at NKU utilizes Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) model. While the UROCC experience has organic chemistry at its core, students are also exposed to the research in biochemical and medicinal chemistry fields. Finishing this course equips students with skills on modern lab instruments and digital tools, enhances their critical thinking, promotes their scientific collaboration and communication, and inspires their interest in scientific careers. 

  • How KY INBRE will help accomplish these goalsThe funding from KY INBRE provides support to pilot and implement this course at NKU.

  • Outside of the classroom/lab: When I am not at work, I enjoy the family time – biking, reading, and playing music together.