2014 Publications

Abnormal Epithelial Structure and Chronic Lung Inflammation after Repair of Chlorine-Induced Airway Injury.
Mo Y, Chen J, Humphrey D, Fodah RA, Warawa JM, and Hoyle G. (2014) Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. Nov 14:ajplung.00226.2014. PMID: 25398987

Bioluminescent imaging of bacteria during mouse infection.
Warawa JM, and Lawrenz MB. (2014) Methods Mol Biol. 1098:169-81. doi: 10.1007/978-1-62703-718-1_14. PMID: 24166377

Code blue: Acinetobacter baumannii, a nosocomial pathogen in the oral cavity.
Richards A, Abu Kwaik Y, and Lamont R. (2014) Mol Oral Microbiol. (In press). PMID: 25052812

Complete and ubiquitinated proteome of the Legionella-containing vacuole within human macrophages.
Bruckert WM and Abu Kwaik Y. (2014) J Proteome Res. (In Press). PMID: 25369898

Contrasting inflammatory responses in severe and non-severe community-acquired pneumonia.
Fernandez-Botran R, Uriarte SM, Arnold FW, Rodriquez-Hernandez L, Rane MJ, Peyrani P, Wiemken T, Kelley R, Uppatla S, Cavallazzi R, Blasi F, Morlacchi L, Aliberti S, Jonsson C, Ramirez JA, and Bordon J. (2014) Inflammation. 37(4):1158-1166. PMID: 24557760

Correlation of Klebsiella pneumoniae comparative genetic analyses with virulence profiles in a murine respiratory disease model.
Fodah RA, Scott JB, Tam H, Yan P, Pfeffer TL, Bundschuh R, and Warawa JM. (2014). PLoS One. 9(9):e107394. PMID: 25203254

Development of (E)-2-((1,4-Dimethylpiperazin-2-ylidene)amino)-5-nitro-N-phenylbenzamide, ML336: Novel 2-Amidinophenylbenzamides as Potent Inhibitors of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus.
Schroeder CE, Yao T, Sotsky J, Smith RA, Roy S, Chu YK, Guo H, Tower NA, Noah JW, McKellip S, Sosa M, Rasmussen L, Smith LH, White EL, Aube J, Jonsson CB, Chung D, and Golden JE. (2014) J Med Chem. 57(20):8608-8621. PMID: 25244572

Discovery of a novel compound with anti-venezuelan equine encephalitis virus activity that targets the nonstructural protein 2.
Chung DH, Jonsson CB, Tower NA, Chu YK, Sahin E, Golden JE, Noah JW, Schroeder CE, Sotsky JB, Sosa MI, Cramer DE, McKellip SN, Rasmussen L, White EL, Schmaljohn CS, Julander JG, Smith JM, Filone CM, Connor JH, Sakurai Y, and Davey RA. (2014) PLoS Pathog. 10(6):e1004213. PMID: 24967809

Genetic variation in vitro and in vivo of an attenuated Lassa vaccine candidate.
Zapata JC, Goicochea M, Nadai Y, Eyzaguirre L, Carr J, Tallon LJ, Sadzewicz L, Myers G, Fraser-Liggett C, Djavani M, Lukashevich IS, and Salvato MS. (2014) J Virol. 88(6):3058-3066. PMID: 24335292

Gold nanoparticles: various methods of synthesis and antibacterial applications.
Shah M, Badwaik V, Kherde Y, Waghwani HK, Modi T, Aguilar ZP, Rodgers H, Hamilton W, Marutharaj T, Webb C, Lawrenz MB, and Dakshinamurthy R. (2014) Front Biosci. 19:1320-1344. PMID: 24896353

Hantaviruses: Past, Present and Future.
Jonsson CB and McAllister RC. (2014) Future Virology. 9(1): 87-99. (doi:10.2217/fvl.13.113)

Heterogeneous Immunological Landscapes and Medieval Plague: An Invitation to a New Dialogue between Historians and Immunologists.
Fabian C and Lawrenz MB. 2014. The Medieval Globe. (In Press)

Improving the Th1 cellular efficacy of the lead Yersinia pestis rF1-V subunit vaccine using SA-4-1BBL as a novel adjuvant.
Dinc G, Pennington JM, Yolcu ES, Lawrenz MB, and Shirwan H. (2014) Vaccine. 32(19):5035-5040.
PMID: 25045812

Introduction of an 8-Aminooctanoic Acid Linker Enhances Uptake of 99mTc-Labeled Lactam Bridge-Cyclized α-MSH Peptide in Melanoma.
Guo H and Miao Y. (2014) J Nucl Med. 55:1-7. PMID: 25453052

Intubation-mediated Intratracheal (IMIT) Instillation: A Noninvasive, Lung-specific Delivery System.
Lawrenz MB, Fodah RA, Gutierrez MG, and Warawa JM (2014) J Vis Exp. (93):e52261. PMID: 25490457

Nutrient generation and retrieval from the host cell cytosol by intra-vacuolar Legionella pneumophila.
Price CT, Richards A, and Abu Kwaik Y. (2014) Front Cell Infect Microbiol. (In press) PMID: 25207263

Optimization of Potent and Selective Quinazolinediones: Inhibitors of Respiratory Syncytial Virus That Block RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase Complex Activity.
Matharu DS, Flaherty DP, Simpson DS, Schroeder CE, Chung D, Yan D, Noah JW, Jonsson CB, White EL, Aube J, Plemper RK, Severson WE, and Golden JE. (2014) J Med Chem. PMID: 25399509

Plasmid DNA initiates replication of yellow fever vaccine in vitro and elicits virus-specific immune response in mice.
Tretyakova I, Nickols B, Hidajat R, Jokinen J, Lukashevich IS, and Pushko P. (2014) Virology. 468-470:28-35. PMID: 25129436

Protein and oligonucleotide delivery systems for vaginal microbicides against viral STIs.
Steinbach JM. (2014) Cell Mol Life Sci. epub: Oct 17. PMID: 25323132

Rapid Nutritional Remodeling of the Host Cell Upon Attachment of Legionella pneumophila. Bruckert WM, Price CT, and Abu Kwaik Y. (2014) Infect Immun. 82(1):72-82. PMID: 24126522

Surface Modified Nanoparticles Enhance Transurothelial Penetration and Delivery of Survivin siRNA in Treating Bladder Cancer. Martin DT, Steinbach JM, Liu J, Shimizu S, Kaimakliotis HZ, Wheeler MA, Hittleman AB, Saltzman WM, and Weiss RM. (2014) Mol Cancer Ther. 13(1):71-81. PMID: 24222663

Targeted drug delivery to intestinal macrophages by bioactive nanovesicles released from grapefruit. Wang B, Zhuang X, Deng ZB, Jiang H, Mu J, Wang Q, Xiang X, Guo H, Zhang L, Dryden G, Yan J, Miller D, and Zhang HG. (2014) Mol Ther. 22(3):522-534. PMID: 23939022

Targeting nutrient retrieval by Francisella tularensis.
Santic M and Abu Kwaik Y. (2014) Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 3:64. PMID: 24133657

The Effectiveness of the Polysaccharide Pneumococcal Vaccine for the Prevention of Hospitalizations Due to Streptococcus pneumoniae Community-Acquired Pneumonia in the Elderly Differs Between the Sexes: Results From The Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization (CAPO) International Cohort Study.
Wiemken TL, Carrico RM, Klein SL, Jonsson CB, Peyrani P, Aliberti S, Blasi F, Fernandez-Gonzalez R, Lopardo G, Ramirez JA, and the CAPO Investigators. (2014) Vaccine. 32(19):2198-2203. PMID: 24613522

The transcriptome of Legionella pneumophila-infected human monocyte-derived macrophages.
Price CT and Abu Kwaik Y. (2014) PLoS One. 9(12):e114914. PMID: 25485627