PeaceDay 2015

Week Without Violence, Sept. 21-25 (Random Acts of Kindness: any date, time, or place!)
PeaceDay 2015

Featured Presentations and Activities

PEACC:Step in for Peace
Make a commitment to tell people you won’t tolerate violence and you’ll do your part to make this the safest campus around.

Rise Up: Encouraging a Generation for Change”
Student Peacemakers testify about their projects overseas, across town, across campus. Learn strategies to pursue your social justice projects.         

Special SAB Film:The Act of Killing
eaders of Indonesian death squad reenact their murders of suspected communists and ethnic Chinese by making a film using Hollywood genres including gagsters, westerns, and musicals. Winner, 2014 British Academy Award for Best Documentary.

PEACC, Queen of Sheba: “The Backlog”
LaMont Johnson and experts on the backlog of rape kits in Kentucky and renewed efforts to bring justice and healing to survivors. The Avenue, Card Towne.

Student’ Engagement with Civil Rights: Putting Experiences to Actions"
Students shared experiences from the 50th anniversary of the Selma Civil Rights March, a “Truth Telling Project” in Ferguson, and the annual White Privilege Conference in Louisville.    

"Peacemaking Processes Workshop”
Participants worked on methods to approach conflict in their everyday lives and communities, led by Eileen Blanton of Louisville’s Peace Education Program.

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