If you need immediate help for a crisis situation related to: Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Violence or Stalking or Harassment please call:

502-852-6111 (Police on campus)

502-852-2663 PEACC Office.

You can CALL or TEXT the PEACC 24/7 or call on Cell Phone: 502-714-8923

For information if you are a victim of a sexual assault see Are You the Victim of a Sexual Assault?

For information to help survivors, see Survivor's Handbook 2012

For Options for Survivors see the information at Options for Survivors

For assistance in the Community, Call 1-877-803-7577

If you are a student from another campus, see the information at Help at Other Campuses


The Accessing Safety Initiative helps organizations and communities meet the needs of women with disabilities & Deaf women who are victims or survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, & stalking.