About Us

In 1999, the University of Louisville received funding from the U.S. Department of Justice to create the first campus-based program in Kentucky to focus on power-based personal violence. Initially housed in the Women’s Center, PEACC moved into Campus Health Services when grant funding ended in 2007.

PEACC (Prevention Education and Advocacy on Campus and in the Community) believes everyone has the right to live, learn and love free of violence and fear and every person in our campus community has a role to play in creating a learning culture where this is a reality. Toward that end, our mission to pursue excellent and inclusive service has two primary parts:  First, we work to end power-based personal violence by providing the campus community with the tools and support to make that happen through the Green Dot bystander intervention training and outreach programming.  Second, we advocate for anyone affected by sexual assault, partner violence and stalking on individual, organizational and public levels through our services.

The work of PEACC continues to expand every year. From starting a Survivor Network to launching a comprehensive primary prevention program across campus, we believe change will happen when we come together.  In 2020, PEACC published a hardback book, Beautiful People, that celebrates our more than 20 years of service and the beautiful people who are part of our work.  (Copies of the book are available for a donation to the PEACC Center Survivor Fund)