Programs & Events

students making a v sign

Participate with PEACC in the following events:

Week Without Violence - Join us for programs and activities during National Campus Safety Awareness Month! Each September we feature a variety of events in partnership with the International Day of Peace..

Take Back the Night - Whether it is New York City, Berlin, Germany, or Louisville, KY, people from all over the world annually participate in TBTN by taking one step at a time toward ending sexual and interpersonal violence. This powerful campus-wide event march and rally features stories that will change you. Feel the pulse of a growing social movement that is declaring, “Violence is not inevitable” and learn about ongoing opportunities to make a difference. There’s never been a better time for our campus and community to partner together to honor those who are impacted by sexual assault, stalking, and partner violence, and renew our commitment to unite our energies to work for a community free of violence and fear!

Men of PEACC - One of the fundamental beliefs of the PEACC Center is that men play an essential role in violence prevention on our campus. Not only are men impacted by the high volumes of women who are victims each year, but 1 in 6 men experience unwanted or abusive sexual experiences before the age of 18 and others will experience sexual and relationship violence during college. Men not only have a connection to this issue,  they have tremendous power to prevent the problem by stepping in and intervening as a bystander. With this in mind, the Men of PEACC program was formed at the University of Louisville to counsel survivors of sexual assault,  offer programs to engage male students, and provide opportunities for men to be an active part of the prevention movement on campus.

Bystander Trainings - Each semester we offer trainings that empower the bystander in high-risk situations to connect to this issue, know the warning signs, learn a variety of ways to steps in, and practice the skills to live that out. We believe this is everyone's issue, and that as a community we can all play a part in the solution.