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When does my student need to declare a major?

It's suggested that your student declare his or her major as early on as possible. However, if your student is unsure of what he or she might want to study, encourage them to reach out to an advisor for assistance in choosing a major. Once your student declares his or her major, they can begin on their flight plan, a course-of-action designed to help them graduate in four, five, or six years.

How large are the classes at UofL?

The student to instructor ratio here is 16:1. With that being said, your student may encounter some larger class sizes in particular study areas. But, for the most part, your student will be in a small, comfortable environment with the instructors easily accessible.

What if my son/daughter gets into a course they don’t like?

Should your son or daughter register for a course they do not like, they have one week from the first day of class to drop the course without penalty. Afterwards, the course can still be dropped up to a certain point in the semester, but they will not receive the full tuition reimbursement for that particular course.

Does UofL have any programs in place to help freshmen adjust?

Yes! Our First Year Initiatives program is designed specifically for new freshmen. They coordinate a series of events each semester as a way to get students involved, check their comfort levels, and aid in adjusting them to college life.

Should my student bring a car to campus?

Students are permitted to bring a car to campus. While most areas of interest are within walking distance, other modes of transportation do exist as well. Should your student opt to leaving his or her car at home, they can ride the TARC for free by showing the driver their student ID! If your student does bring a car to campus, they will be required to park in certain lots based on permit color.

How safe is campus?

The University of Louisville was ranked the 20th on the "50 Safest Large Colleges and Universities in America" by College Choice. Student safety is of the utmost importance to us here at UofL. In recent years, we have extended our efforts to create a more safe environment for your students. Some of the safety protocols in place include, the L Trail, RAVE Guardian App, UofL Alerts, Campus Escort, UofL Police, and more.

Are freshman required to live on-campus?

The University of Louisville does have a First Year Live-On policy, but there are exceptions. Students who meet one of the following conditions may request an exemption from the First Year Live-On policy online:

  • Residing with a custodial parent or guardian
  • 21 years of age
  • Veteran of the U.S. Armed Services
  • Married
  • Custodial parent or guardian of a child

Exemption decisions will be sent within three weeks to the e-mail address the student listed on the exemption request

How do students apply for housing?

Students can apply for on-campus housing directly through the UofL Campus Housing website. They will be asked to create an account and follow a series of steps to complete the application. There is an application fee required to apply. Should your student decide to live in a campus affiliated property after their first year, they will work directly with the leasing office of the complex to sign the lease of his or her choice.

What if roommates don’t get along?

Shortly after Move-In day, your student will have a floor meeting with his or her Resident Assistant (RA) where he or she will require your student to sign a Roommate Agreement Form. Here, both students can outline policies and rules they wish to apply for their living space including quiet hours, visiting friends, and borrowing items. If your son or daughter does not get along with his or her roommate even after filling out the Roommate Agreement Form, we have some recommended steps to consider. First, we recommend arranging a meeting with the student's Resident Assistant (RA). From there, they can negotiate and try to solve any issues. Should this not help, a meeting with the Residence Hall Director may occur to further investigate the issues. If none of the issues can be resolved, the two can submit a Re-Assignment form where one of the two roommates will be re-assigned to a new location with a new roommate.

When do we pay the tuition bill? How do we do that?

The tuition bill is generally due a month before the first day of class. Any scholarship or financial aid will be applied to the student's account and will be noted when you go to pay the remaining balance. The bill can be paid one of three ways. First, you and your student can come to the Bursar's Office on campus and pay using cash or a check. The second option is to log onto ULink and sign in with your student's userid and password. Under the "Student Services Tab" click "Make a Payment." The third option is to create a tuition payment plan. The Bursar's Office can assist your family in setting up a payment plan that will work best for you. When paying online, you can use an e-check or a credit card. Should you choose a credit card, be aware of the non-refundable convenience fee that will be assessed.

Are there part-time jobs available for students on-campus?

Yes! Nearly every department on campus employs student workers for positions including desk staff, student assistants, and more! Have your student drop by the University Career Center to ask about part-time jobs on campus. Some popular areas of employment include the Student Recreation Center, UofL Libraries, and Campus Housing.

How popular is Greek life on campus?

We have a total of 31 Greek life organizations on campus, with a total of 1,677 students participating in Greek life for the Spring 2021 semester.

How can my student get involved on campus?

Outside of Greek Life, we have numerous opportunities for your student to get involved on campus including, Intramurals, Student Involvement, Student Activities Board (SAB), Student Government Association (SGA), and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).

What if my student gets sick during the school year?

If your student gets sick during the school year, we would always advise them to seek medical treatment. If they do not have insurance with you, they can receive insurance through UofL as a student. Our Campus Health Services center is a short ride when your student takes the Cardinal Shuttle (#94) to Cardinal Station. Professors will aid your student in receiving course work while they are ill.

What special items does my student need in a suite-style residence hall?

If your student is living in a suite-style residence hall, he or she should coordinate with roommates and/or suite mates to ensure there is a shower curtain and liner as well as toilet paper for the shared facilities. For more information on what your student might need, be sure to check with

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