Charles Parrish Seminar Room

The Charles Parrish Seminar Room is also located on the fourth floor in Strickler Hall within the Department of Pan-African Studies. Known for its vibrant color, the "orange" room has been quite an attraction for visitors. To learn more about Charles Parrish click here.


Charles Parrish Seminar Room Entrance

Guests are greeted with the a sign which symbolizes a unique part of U of L history.



                     Charles Parrish Seminar Room Eq                                                    Charles Parrish Seminar Room3 


            The room is equipped with the latest technology which is great                                        Some classes are also held in the room when they do not require

            for faculty meetings and presentations.                                                                                   a more traditional classroom setting.




Charles Parrish Seminar Room4

Pictures are another unique contribution to this room as they each

share a different meaning and add significance.