Degree Map

RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing online graduate certificate program at the University of Louisville Online

RN-BSN Curriculum

Semester #1 Semester #2 Semester #3 Semester #4

387-50 Patho-Pharm (4cr)

381-50 Foundations for Evidence Based Professional Nursing (3cr)

355-85 Portfolio (30cr)

482-50 Health Promotion for Individuals, Families, and Communities (3cr)

N382-50 Nursing Research for Evidence Based Practice (3cr)

383-50 Case Management of Individuals and Families (3cr)

385-50 Nursing Leadership & Health Policy (4cr)

488-50 Leadership Project (2cr)

386-50 Population Health (3cr)

470-50: Community Health Nursing (4cr)

473-50 Community Leadership Practicum (2cr)

7 credits 9 credits 9 credits 6 credits

These courses (Semester #1) must be taken prior to remaining semesters.


These courses (Semester #4) must be taken in the last semester of study

Transferred ADN credit hours = 60

Total portfolio credit hours = 30

Total core course credit hours = 31

Total credit hours = 121

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