Instructions for changing your name in university systems

Peoplesoft (Blackboard, Grade/Class Rosters):

Students, faculty, and staff can change their name in PeopleSoft. This change allows university community members to go by the name that they use, as opposed to their legal name, though legal names will still appear on official transcripts and diplomas. To change their last name, students will need to contact the Registrar's Office, and employees will need to contact Payroll Services. When contacting payroll to change their last name, employees will need to submit a copy of their social security card with their updated last name. First and/or middle names can be updated by logging on to your ULink account. These directions will be different for students and employees. Individuals that are both a student and employee are encouraged to check both places as these are two different systems of record.

For Students:

  1. Setting a preferred name in ULink.
    Go to > Log in to the student system > Select “Profile” > Select “Personal Details” > click the plus under “Names” and set the desired preferred name. The new name should show up in the list of names after clicking save. 
    • After approximately 24 hours, a third entry will appear under “Names” labeled “Directory”. It will automatically be set to the same value as “Preferred”.
  1. Setting a new email address
    Go to > Click “Email Addresses” in the “Resources” list at the bottom of the page and log in if prompted. Set a new “chosen nickname” using the form on the lower half of the page.
    NOTE: Email addressed to any previous address will stop being delivered once a new chosen nickname is set.

Video tutorial:

Preferred name changes can take up to 24 hours to become effective. The Exchange address book and Teams can take 2-3 days to properly display the preferred name.

For Employees:

Go to ULink > Log in to the Employee (HR) System > Complete the UL2FCTR/Duo process > Under Personal Information, click on the Preferred Name Change listing > Follow the process to add or change your name.
Video Tutorial:  

Preferred name changes can take up to 24 hours to become effective. The Exchange address book and Teams can take 2-3 days to properly display the preferred name.

Campus Housing & Campus Mail

To update your name with UofL Campus Housing, which will also update Campus Mail, complete this form:


Graduation Ceremony:

When applying for graduation, students have the option of submitting the name they choose to be read during the ceremony as well as how it will appear on their diploma.

Student, Faculty, and Staff ID Cards:

Students, faculty, and staff can also change their first and/or middle name on their University of Louisville Cardinal ID Card once it has been changed through ULink (note: students may not change their last name via this process). Once your new name is entered into the university system (ULink), it takes 1 business day for the system to update. After waiting 1 business day, individuals can go to the Cardinal Card office and get a new ID Card. The system will automatically print your new name on the new card. Note: If you have not changed your preferred name in the ULink system, your card will not print with your preferred name. The first new card will be printed for free if you bring in your old card to be recycled. Otherwise, a new Cardinal ID Card is $10.00. For more information on how to access this option contact the Cardinal Card office at 502-852-7520
Because some critical university functions like public safety still necessitate it, legal names will be listed on the back of the new cards for ALL new cardholders (both those who have accessed the name change and those who have not), but in an inconspicuous way. In almost every instance, individuals will only need to show the front of their card for services and identification.

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