Volunteer to be a Standardized Patient

For UL students and community members who may want to volunteer

Have you ever wished that LGBT providers had more training around sensitivity or care? You are now invited to be a part of that training at UofL! The Volunteer Standardized Patient program allows LGBTQ+ identified individuals from UofL and the community to volunteer as a "pretend patient" to work directly with students in the schools of Nursing, Dentistry, and Medicine to act out a health care issue within the context of a clinical visit and then provide feedback to students on the interaction. This is a powerful teaching tool that both students and volunteers report enjoying immensely.

What it entails to sign up as a volunteer SP:

-Meeting with the coordinator before you engage in your first event, unless you are already involved with the LGBT Center SpeakOut program.

-Involvement in as many or as few volunteer SP events as you determine.

-At least 90 minutes of your time for each event; which includes 20-30 minutes of training before each event.

-*Free parking provided on Health Sciences Campus for all volunteer SP's*

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