Testimonials from Participants in the Certificate Series

 Every session is filled with information and experiences we as providers can take with us to provide care to all. I believe this is something that should be mandatory for all those in the healthcare field. I look forward to more offices and programs on this campus to adopt the framework the LGBT Center has created through this program and offer more opportunities to provide the tools and resources to be the best healthcare providers to all.
-Mike Caltabiano, Student in the School of Dentistry



 As a future physician, I loved the Certificate modules. I plan to use the knowledge I gained for patient care as well as skills for how to establish trust with patients from this population. For example, I received a rainbow pin for my white coat at the end of the Certificate series and when I was on a rotation the next month I had a patient come in who clearly nervous and cautious. I said all the right things about our sexual health interview being a judgement free zone, but when I saw him finally visibly relax was when he reached out to point to my pin with a smile on his face and we talked about why I wear it! 
-Terri Mason, Student in the School of Medicine


 LGBT Health Competency training did not just make me a better LGBT-clinician; rather, it has helped to me to grow as a clinician for all of my patients. The LGBT Health Certificate has made me a more competitive candidate as I apply for jobs, opening the door to research opportunities, and providing a strong talking point in demonstrating my commitment to serving diverse populations.
- John Penezic, PsyD student, Sullivan University


 Even as a member of the LGBTQ community, it is important for me to keep up with LGBTQ-training that I can use in my future dental career. Even more so, it is important to be as educated as possible in order to treat our patients with the dignity and respect they deserve. This program has given me the extra tools to do just that.
-Justin Suggs, Student in the School of Dentistry



 I strongly recommend public health professionals take this great training to be more LGBT-friendly and build towards a healthier LGBT community.
The training of this Certificate was very helpful and informative for health care professionals, especially people in public health field. I enjoyed not only content modules, but also patient simulation sessions in which I had great opportunities to talk in person with LGBT members that helped me better understand public health issues of LGBT community. Moreover, guest speakers shared their expertise of LGBT public health issues that inspired me to have more research and get involved in advocacy for improving LGBT population health.
-Giang Vu, PhD student in the School of Public Health and Information Sciences.


 Completing the LGBT Health Certificate Series has opened new doors for me not only professionally but personally. I have become a better ally. I have become aware of my words and actions. I find myself educating my family and friends. This training has provided me the opportunity to provide training to lactation consultants at local breastfeeding meetings and also at a national conference, specifically LGBT lactation needs. I continue to strive to learn and grow thanks to the UofL LGBT Center.
-Glenda Adams, Faculty, School of Nursing


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