Leeds, England

Leeds, EnglandThe University of Leeds School of Law offers a study abroad opportunity. Leeds is one of Louisville’s Sister Cities and is located in the north of England. For more information about the University of Leeds, see their study abroad brochure.

The major advantage of studying at Leeds is that all classes are taught in English. Student may enroll in Master’s level modules offered at the School of Law, however, you will NOT have the opportunity to complete a master’s degree. It is possible to apply credits that you earn in Leeds toward your University of Louisville J.D.

Tuition and Expenses
Under Louisville Law’s agreement with the University of Leeds, Louisville students pay tuition at the University of Louisville and are tuition-free in Leeds.

Living Expenses
Students are responsible for their own travel expenses, including health insurance, and their living expenses in Leeds. There are good bus and train links throughout England, and good intra-city transport within Leeds, so students can get by without a vehicle.

The University of Leeds offers student housing and provides more information on the cost of living.

Eligibility and Application
In order to apply, contact  well in advance of the application deadlines at Leeds.

If you are interested in going to the University of Leeds for a semester or a year, please plan ahead. You will need to apply to the Leeds program BEFORE March 31 for the fall semester or October 31 for the spring semester. In addition, you may have to satisfy English visa requirements.

University of Leeds Contact
The at the University of Leeds can provide additional information.  is the contact for the School of Law at the University of Leeds.