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General Agreement Information

Creating a New Agreement

The University of Louisville has a number of agreements with international institutions. 

  • Before determining which type of agreement you are interested in creating, take a look to see where we are, as this may allow you to join an already existing agreement. Please email  for further information on creating new exchanges.

There are three types of agreements that the International Center facilitates with institutions abroad.

  • Before proceeding with an agreement, you must complete the viability test and send it to , Assistant Vice President of the International Center.

Letter of Understanding: An informal agreement to work together in areas of common interest, with few formal commitments; 

Memorandum of Understanding:  A formal contracts that obligate one or both partners to perform specific actions or provide specific services to the other. This is also known as an exchange;

International Program Agreement: A formal contract wherein an unequal number of students either come or go.

Any department or School/College may initiate an agreement; however, it is advisable to consult with the Office of Study Abroad and International Travel to ensure that the correct templates are being used and that proposed programs are viable.

Once you have determined which type of agreement you want with the foreign institution, follow the steps on the given page to create the agreement.

Please see this flowchart (PDF) concerning the general flow for agreement development.

Renewing an Existing International Agreement

Renewals of existing International Agreements must be approved by the Provost’s Office before being signed by the Dean or the institution abroad. An existing International Agreement can be renewed in a number of ways depending on the original document and timing of the renewal. In some cases, an entirely new international agreement may need to be created with original signatures. In other cases, a simple statement or rider may be attached to the original document extending it time frame. Please  for more information.

Have general questions concerning exchanges? .


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