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    Geographers investigate the character and possible associations between a subject and its environment. The Department of Geographic and Environmental Sciences educates students to view the world in a spatial and time-dependent context to determine relationships between people and their immediate and global environment.

    Bachelor of Science: The department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in four different concentrations:

    • Environmental Analysis: designed for students who are interested in the environment and environmental sustainability.
    • Geospatial Technologies: designed for students who are interested in developing geospatial technologies like GIS and remote sensing.
    • Human and Cultural Dynamics: designed for students interested in the forces that shape human environments like population trends, sustainable development, ethnic and racial segregation, globalization and geopolitics.
    • Urban Analysis: designed for students interested in the various processes that shape urban environments.

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    The M.S. in Applied Geography is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and background knowledge needed to solve real-world problems with geographic dimensions. Graduate students experience a nucleated body of coursework designed to foster and support the theoretical knowledge and advanced skill sets demanded for the professional and academic/research fields. Coupled with the enhanced level of course content; quantitative, qualitative and spatial data analysis applications; and the Departmental emphasis upon critical reasoning, effective writing and communication skills, graduates will be capable and prepared for effective integration into a broad diversity of professional fields.

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    The Department of Geography and Geosciences offers two minors:

    • Minoring in Geography exposes students to the schools of thought in physical and human Geography and techniques of Geographic Information System (GIS).
    • Minoring in Environmental Analysis exposes students to the physical processes associated with the environment and environmental sustainability.

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    Our graduates work for local, state and federal governments; environmental consulting firm;, retail businesses; and research and educational organizations. Departmental graduates also have been admitted to some of the nation’s finest graduate programs.

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