University of Louisville Fire Safety & Prevention

Fires on college campuses claim lives and cause an extensive amount of property damage each year.


Buildings can be rebuilt, but the loss of a life can never be replaced.


The University of Louisville urges you to use common sense and follow these practical steps to protect yourself while working, learning and living in University facilities.


Basic Fire Safety Survival Tips:

  • When the Fire Alarm activates in a building, please take these seriously and immediately evacuate. DO NOT use the elevators as these may stop between floors or on the fire floor.
  • Always sleep with the bedroom door closed to provide added protection from heat and smoke during a fire.
  • Teach everyone in your household to recognize the sound of your smoke detector.
  • Before opening a door in response to a fire alarm, feel the door with the back of your hand for heat. If it feels hot, do not open it. If you are able to open it, do it slowly.
  • If located on the ground level, consider using a window as an alternative escape route.
  • If you are on the second or higher level, prepare for an alternate means of escape. Always have two ways out!
  • Crawl low under smoke.  
  • Pull a fire alarm as you exit the building. Once outside, dial 911 and do not re-enter the building.
  • If your clothes catch fire: Stop, Drop, and Roll. Use your hands to cover your face.
  • Cool a burn injury using cool running water. Do Not use ice!
  • For Fire Emergencies, call 911.
  • Report fire safety concerns to the University Fire Marshal, Michael Long, at 502-852-FIRE (3473)