Welcome to the Maurer Research Group

Research in the Maurer Group focuses on protein chemistry, protein structure-function, and blood coagulation.  We are particularly interested in the interplay between the coagulation proteins Factor XIII, thrombin, and fibrinogen.  These proteins work together to create a strong blood clot network. A greater understanding is needed on how such coagulation proteins are activated, regulated, and how they select their targets. 

The Maurer research team is composed of graduate and undergraduate students.  Our studies employ a variety of biochemical, bioanalytical, and biophysical methods including site-directed mutagenesis, protein expression, protein purification, enzyme kinetics (uv-vis, fluorescence, and HPLC based assays), mass spectrometry, solution NMR, and analytical ultracentrifugation. 

New knowledge on the molecular details associated with Factor XIII, thrombin, and fibrinogen may be used to develop new therapeutic approaches to control the functions of these proteins and the resultant blood clot architecture. 

Lianay Gutierrez Luque, Rameesa Darul Amne Syed Mohammed,  Dino Ablan, Dr. Muriel Maurer   (May 2023)

Dr. Muriel Maurer, Rameesa Darul Amne Syed Mohammed, Dino Ablan