Recent Journal Articles and Chapters

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Journal Articles 

  • "Embodiment, Place, and Stance: A Collaborative Exploration of Graduate Research and Mentoring." With Edward English, Jessica Newman, and Aubrie Cox Warner. International Studies in the Sociology of Education. 2021.
  • "Centering Partnerships: A Case for Writing Centers as Sites of Community Engagement." with Amy McCleese Nichols. Community Literacy. 13.2. 2019.
  • “From Screen to Screen: Students’ Use of Popular Culture Genres in Multimodal Writing Assignments” Computers and Composition. 34. 2014. 110-121.
  • “Dancing with Don: Or Waltzing with ‘Expressivism’” Enculturation. Fall 2011.
  • “Collages of Identity: Popular Culture, Emotion, and Online Literacies” National Society for the Study of Education, 110.1. 2011,  200–219
  • "Seeking New Worlds: The Study of Writing Beyond our Classrooms” College Composition and Communication. 62.1 September 2010. 127-146.
  • “`Which South Park Character Are You?’ Popular Culture, Literacy, and Online Performances of Identity” Computers And Composition 25.1. 2008 24-39.
  • “Who Reads and Writes in Hollywood? Reading Representations of Literacy in Contemporary Movies” With Amy Zenger International Journal of Learning. Vol 11. 2004.
  • “Television, Authorship and Student Writers” Academic Exchange Quarterly. Special Issue on Media Literacy. 8.1 Spring 2004. 129-133.
  • “Speak for Yourself?:Power and Hybridity in the Cross-Cultural Classroom” College Composition and Communication. 54.4 June 2003. 586-609.
  • “What They See is What We Get: Television and Middle School Writers” Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy. 46.7 April 2003. 546-554.
  • “Never Let the Truth Stand in the Way of a Good Story: A Work for Three Voices” College English 65.3 January 2003. 290-304.
  • “The Pleasures Brought to Class: Literacy, Popular Culture, and the Middle School Classroom.” International Journal of Learning. Vol. 10. 2003. 965-976.
  • “Reflections on a Shimmering Screen: Television’s Relationship to Writing Pedagogies” The Writing Instructor. 2.0 December 2001.
  • “’A State of Perpetual Wandering’ Diaspora and Black British Writers.” Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies. issue 3 vol 3. Summer 1999.

Book Chapters

  • "Writing Center Consultations as Emotional Experiences: How Different Learning Experiences Shape Student Perceptions of Agency." In Pedagogical Perspectives on Cognition and Writing. J. Michael Rifenburg, Patricia Portanova, and Duane Roen, Eds. Parlor Press. (2021) 303-322.
  • “‘Find Something You Know You Can Believe In’: The Effect of Dissertation Retreats on Graduate Students’ Identities as Writers” with Ashly Bender Smith, Tika Lamsal, and Adam Robinson. In Re/Writing the Center: Pedagogies, Practices, Partnerships to Support Graduate Students in the Writing Center. Terry Myers Zawacki and Susan Lawrence, Eds. Utah State University Press. 2018. 204-222.
  • “Having a Feel for What Works: Polymedia, Emotion, and Literacy Practices with Mobile Technologies.” In Social Writing/Social Media. Stephanie Vie and Douglas Walls, Eds. Parlor Press. 2017. 127-143
  • “Game 2 Engage:  Stories About iPads, College Students and Communities.” with Jamie Caine and Julia Davies. in The Case of the iPad: Mobile Literacies in Education. Cathy Burnett, Guy Merchant, Maureen Walsh, Alyson Simpson, Eds. Springer Press. 2017. 143-158
  • “Genre Inside/Genre Outside: How Students Approach Composing Multimodal Texts.” In Multimodality in Higher Education. Arlene Archer and Esther Breuer, Eds. Brill Publishers. 2016. 114-135.
  • “Digital Technologies and Creative Writing Pedagogies.” In Creative Writing Pedagogies for theTwenty-First Century. Alexandria Peary and Tom Hunley, Eds. Southern Illinois University Press. 2015. 243-268.
  • “Mobility, Authorship, and Students’ (Im)material Engagement with Digital Media and Popular Culture.” in New Literacies around the Globe: Policy and Pedagogy. Cathy Burnett, Julia Davies, Guy Merchant, Jennifer Rowsell, Eds. Routledge Press. 2014. 140-154
  • "Control and the Classroom in the Digital University: The Effect of Course Management Systems on Pedagogy.” in Literacy in the Digital University: Critical Perspectives on Learning, Scholarship, and Technology. Robin Goodfellow and Mary Lea, Eds. Routledge. 2013. 173-184
  • “Writing Creative Nonfiction” in The Blackwell Companion to Creative Writing. Graeme Harper, Ed. Wiley-Blackwell. 2013. 24-39.
  • “The World on Your Screen: New Media, Remix, and the Politics of Cross-Cultural Contact.” In New Media Literacies and Participatory Popular Culture Across Borders. Edited Collection. With Amy A. Zenger. Routledge Press. 2012. 17-32.
  • “Introduction: Popular Culture and Literacy in a Networked World.” In New Media Literacies and Participatory Popular Culture Across Borders. Edited Collection. With Amy A. Zenger. Routledge Press. 2012. 1-14.
  • “Ethics and Representation.” with Mary Brydon-Miller. for Sage Handbook of Digital Dissertations and Theses, Richard Andrews, et al. Eds. 2012. 181-197.
  • “‘I’m not Always Laughing at the Jokes’: Humor as a Force for Disruption” With Julie Faulkner. In Disrupting Pedagogies and Teaching the Knowledge Society: Countering Conservative Norms with Creative Approaches. Julie Faulkner, Ed. IGI Global. 2011.
  • “Riding Critical and Cultural Boundaries: A Multiliteracies Approach to Television Sitcoms” 2009. with Julie Faulkner. In Multiliteracies and Technology Enhanced Education: Social Practice and the Global Classroom. Darren Pullen and David Cole, Eds. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. 71-82.
  • “Inspired Artists and Office Drones: Taking Literacy Narratives to the Movies" In Using Popular Culture in the Writing Classroom. Allison Smith, Trixie Smith, and Rebecca Bobbitt, Eds. Wadsworth. 2008. 81-90.
  • “Foreword” Multimodal Composition: Resources for Teachers. Cynthia Selfe, Ed. Hampton Press 2007.
  • “Introduction: Literacy, Power and the Shaping of Identity. In Identity Papers: Literacy and Power in Higher Education. Bronwyn T. Williams, Ed. Utah State University Press. 2006. 1-13.
  • “The Book and the Truth: Faith, Rhetoric, and Teaching Across Cultures.” Negotiating Roles of  Faith in Teaching Writing. Elizabeth VanderLei and Bonnie Kyburz, Ed. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook. 2005. 105-120.
  • “Changing Directions: Participatory Research, Agency, and Representation” with Mary Brydon-Miller. Ethnography Unbound: From Theory Shock to Critical Praxis. Sidney Dobrin and Stephen Brown, Eds. Albany, NY: State U of New York Press. 2004. 241-257.
  • "Where Should We Want to Go Today? Some Cultural Implications of Computers and Composition." TnT: Texts and Technology. Janice R. Walker and Ollie O. Oviedo, Eds. Hampton Press. 2003. 241-270.