Clinical Trials

The Envirome Institute’s centers and collaborators conduct clinical trials and research studies on pollution, tobacco and nicotine products, and cardio-metabolic health to understand the underlying environmental causes of chronic disease.

The Co-Immunity Project

The Co-Immunity Project is a large scientific research study led by the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute, the Center for Predictive Medicine and the University of Louisville with several partners teaming up for the individual phasesUsing our combined forces, we will study COVID-19 infection and immunity among healthcare workers and our broader Louisville Metro-Jefferson County community. For more information or to learn how to sign up please email or call 1-833-313-0502.

Green Heart: HEAL Study

The University of Louisville's School of Medicine is partnering with the Oakdale-Wyandotte, Jacobs, Taylor-Berry, Wilder Park, Beechmont, and Hazelwood neighborhoods to conduct the Health, Environment, and Action in Louisville (HEAL) Study. The HEAL Study is part of the Green Heart project. Green Heart is studying  what community residents think makes a happy, healthy neighborhood and if certain neighborhood characteristics, like air pollution and greenness, impact health. Participants will receive a VISA gift card for participating. Learn more about the HEAL Study.

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ATRAC: Cardiovascular Injury Due to Tobacco Use (CITU 2.0)

The University of Louisville's School of Medicine is conducting a study on the perceptions and use of electronic cigarettes and cigarillos in healthy young adults (18-45 years of age). The study is recruiting healthy unmedicated participants who only use e-cigarettes or cigarillos. The study will be two study visits, the second study visit will take place 2 years from the first study visit. Both study visits will last approximately 2.5-3 hours and include questionnaires on your social history, health, tobacco use patterns, blood and urine collection, and other measures to give us an idea of your heart health. Participant compensation will be as a Swift prepaid Visa card. Learn more about the CITU 2.0 Study. For more information or to sign up, contact or call (502) 215-5872.

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The Nucleophilic Defense against PM Toxicity (NEAT)

The Nucleophilic Defense against PM Toxicity (NEAT) Trial is an innovative study to see whether taking a dietary supplement of Carnosine can help protect against particulate matter air pollution, which is very high in Louisville and surrounding areas.