Staff Service Awards

Twice a year, the University of Louisville recognizes staff employees who reach their work anniversary milestone in five-year increments, starting at 10 years of service. Staff who have a work anniversary date between January and June are recognized each summer (July). Staff with a work anniversary date between July and December are recognized in late fall (November/December)

Recognition and gift

Each honoree received the following in congratulations from the university:

  • A service award gift. The selection and value varies based on years of service.
  • A framed certificate 
  • A day off! Honoree and supervisor shall schedule a mutually agreeable day off to take within six months of receiving their congratulatory email from the Employee Success Center and record it as supervisor approved leave.
  • An invitation to a special staff service recognition reception

Staff Service Recognition Reception

Let's celebrate together! For each group, the Employee Success Center and the Office of the President will host a special staff service recognition reception for all honorees and a guest. We appreciate you. And we celebrate you. Invitations will be sent for each group several weeks prior to each event. This event is dedicated to staff and provides an opportunity to hear from other staff honorees as they share their inspiring experiences and fond memories during their time at the university.

Celebrating our honorees

Congratulations to our employees who reached their service anniversary of 10 years or more!

2023 honorees

Group 1 | (January 1 - June 30)

Group 2 | (July 1 - December 31)

Previous Years:

2022 Group 1 | 2022 Group 2

2021 Group 1 | 2021 Group 22020



The staff recognition program honors staff employees who have reached a service anniversary milestone beginning at ten years of eligible service and then every five years after that. Eligible service is defined as being in a benefits-eligible position. Any time worked as a temporary or student worker are not included. If you have any questions or concerns about your eligibility,