Values & Goals


Abram Schreck Reid
  • Respect – We work to affirm the individual uniqueness, self-determination, worth, life experiences, and capability of each parent/guardian, child, and family.   

  • Positive Culture – We strive to create a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment that promotes trust, honesty, direct communication, balance, humor, collaboration, and professional growth.   

  • Equity and Inclusion – We celebrate the richness created by a variety of cultures, beliefs, identities, and life experiences.  We value diversity, equity, justice, as well as respect for differences.   

  • Belonging – We believe every person deserves a family or support network that can provide safety, belonging, teaching and guidance, nurturance, and connection to the larger world. 

  • Creativity – We encourage creativity, innovation, and exploration to respond to the rapidly changing needs of children, youth, parents/guardians, and families.   

  • Collaboration – We actively maintain, build, expand and strengthen our internal and external alliances to support our community, increase resources for parents/guardians/families, and model quality experiences, programming, and leadership.   

  • Quality – We strive to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of our work to be responsible stewards of community resources.  Our work is guided by integrity and authenticity.  


  • Foster a community of support among UofL professionals that serve in a parenting role through events and networking opportunities.   

  • Enhance university culture in recognizing barriers/challenges that parents and guardians face and assist with policy considerations and changes using a parenting lens.   

  • Represent the spectrum of parents/guardians at UofL and actively promote and embrace inclusivity through all parameters of this resource group.   

  • Facilitate professional development that affirms parenting through leadership, mentoring, and personal/professional development opportunities.   

  • Support the goals of the University’s Cardinal Principles and Community of Care initiative.   

  • Encourage new initiatives and better practices towards parents and guardians at UofL through being visible and active around campus.   

  • Educate University policy makers, faculty, staff, students, and community members regarding issues that affect those serving in a parental role.   

  • Assist the University in achieving its retention and graduation goals by implementing programs that enhance, support, and empower parents working on campus.