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(Kentucky Special Parent Involvement Network) is a statewide 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  The mission of KY-SPIN, Inc. is to link families and individuals with disabilities to valuable resources that will enable them to live productive, fulfilling lives. Visit KY-Spin's website for more information

Family-Based Assistance

Marion County Autism Awareness EventKATC Staff members are prepared to provide families and professionals with an overview of available resources and interventions. KATC, in collaboration with regional support groups, provides workshops and training seminars on topics of specific interest to family members and service providers.

The KATC staff provides 1 to 1.5 hour workshops on autism and related topics, as part of an ongoing effort to improve services for those affected with ASD in Kentucky. Autism related support groups and other family groups across Kentucky can access these workshops FREE of charge. Although we have a list of suggested topics below, we encourage family groups to work in collaboration with our trainers to design a presentation to meet your support group's needs. 

You can submit a request for a KATC Field Trainer to visit your location in Kentucky and we will provide a training workshop at your location for your local Family Support Group today. Submit Your Training Request Here 



My son had been diagnosed with Autism for over two years when my son's Speech Therapist, my wife and myself started up our Support Group. We still could not discuss his diagnosis with anyone, even our families.
I'll never forget what it felt like to drive home that first night after our first Autism Support Group meeting. It felt so good to sit in a room full of people, that knew what our family had been going through, and share things.
I've learned so much from the parents in our group, even the new ones. And it's given us such a sense of accomplishment knowing that we have been able to help others too. --R.B.,Hazard, KY