KATC Listserv Guidelines

The KYAUTISM is hosted by the Kentucky Autism Training Center, housed at the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville. The purpose of the KATC listserv is to share information, services, and resources, training opportunities in a positive and respectful way. Information on autism, disabilities and education issues are relevant topics. The KYAUTISM listserv is unique in that we have families and professionals from across the commonwealth that care about individuals with autism as subscribers.

Below you will find the guidelines for participating in the List. Your request to be subscribed indicates that you have agreed to abide by the guidelines outlined in this document. Please be aware that KYAUTISM listserv is not intended to be a public forum. This service is offered by the Kentucky Autism Training Center and the University of Louisville to assist families and professionals discuss issues related to autism. If you violate these guidelines for the list, you can be removed from the list.


Families and professionals from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky that care about individuals with autism may request to join the list.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

(1) KATC will not sell, trade, or otherwise disclose the email addresses of anyone subscribed to this discussion List. Subscribers to the List shall not compile email addresses for private or commercial purposes of any kind.

(2) Subscribers agree to protect the confidentiality of the others on the list. Subscribers may not disclose to any person or organization outside the List any personal information (including email addresses) learned on the List without prior consent of the person involved.

(3) These confidentiality requirements operate on an honor system but anyone found in violation of them can be removed from the list.

(4) It is not appropriate to disclose the names of others in your messages to the listserv without their consent.

Responsibility for Posts

Subscribers are solely and exclusively responsible for the contents of any posts they make, including any opinions expressed therein.

Content of Posts

(1) Relevant and appropriate topics for the KYAUTISM listserv include: information on services, and resources, training opportunities specific to the autism community in Kentucky. Subjects like religion and politics are not appropriate for this listserv. The list moderator may request individuals to keep their posts appropriate to the list.

(2) Common courtesy and respect are expected. Personal attacks, or criticism addressed to or about individuals is not an appropriate use of the list.

(3) Please put a SUBJECT LINE in your posts.

(4) You are expected to abide by intellectual property laws (e.g. copyright) when you post to the list. There are legal issues of copyright violation when someone posts copyrighted material. For this reason, you should only post what you have permission to post or what would be "fair use" within copyright law. If there is a lengthy article you wish to share, provide the URL/Iink to the article rather than posting extensive portions to the list.

(5) Please refrain from posting ATTACHMENTS.

(6) Advertising is expressly forbidden. No commercial use shall be made of this Listserv or its membership. Sending unsolicited advertisements or information of a commercial nature to other subscribers, whether through the List or privately, is a violation of these rules.

(7) Use caution when discussing other people, products or services. Information posted on the list is available for all to see, and comments are subject to libel, slander and antitrust laws.

(8) Only send a message to the entire list when it contains information that everyone can benefit from.

(9) Do not send administrative messages, such as remove me from the list, through the listserv.

Etiquette: This List is moderated by staff at the University of Louisville. Currently, messages are posted without prior screening or approval by the list owner; this is subject to change without notice. Any subscriber who makes personally derogatory comments or otherwise engages in ridicule, excessive sarcasm or innuendo, can be removed.


Questions about the rules, or complaints/problems with the List, should be addressed to katc@louisville.edu and NOT to the List.



Send a message to kyautism-request@LISTSERV.LOUISVILLE.EDU. In the message, type: Add youremailiaddress@domianel.com Your full name
(e.g. add johndoe@gmail.com John Doe)

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