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Faculty and Staff Development sessions

Storytelling in the Classroom (view recording) – PAST - Monday, 10/23/23: 2-3pm

Join us for an exploration of media assignment design and practical applications of storytelling and narrative activities. During this virtual session, we'll share examples of how to incorporate narrative into assignments throughout the semester and consider how storytelling can serve as a meaningful alternative to traditional research topic reports. This session offers a valuable opportunity to refine your teaching techniques and enhance the learning experience.

Storytelling for Data Narratives (register) – Tuesday, 1/23/24: 2-3pm

In this virtual session, we will explore the uses of narration and storytelling as a tool for communicating data and research in academic environments. This session will include discussions of the use of storytelling as a pedagogical tool to engage learners and foster deeper understanding of complex technical processes and concepts. We will also highlight strategies for using narration to critically assess performance of individuals and teams. Attendees will leave with a variety of additional resources to support implementation of digital storytelling and narration for teaching and research.

Adobe-led sessions

Create Accessible Documents with Adobe Acrobat (view recording) – Friday, 10/20/23: 12-1pm

Attend this virtual session to gain insights into creating inclusive documents for all digital audiences. We will detail essential strategies for crafting accessible PDFs, ensuring content is user-friendly for individuals with disabilities. Explore how Adobe Acrobat's powerful tools can be used to add alt text to images, create accessible forms, and implement other accessibility features.

Data Visualization with Express and Illustrator (view recording) – Thursday, 11/9/23: 1-2:30pm

Join us online to learn about using compelling visuals to convey data-driven narratives. In this session, you'll discover how to harness the creative power of Adobe Express and Illustrator to design eye-catching graphics and informative data visualizations. Learn the techniques to transform raw data into engaging visuals that resonate with your audience.

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On Demand Learning for all

DMS and other tutorials

Access tutorials for the most popular Adobe apps and more.

Adobe Creative Skills Badging Series

Available to UofL faculty, staff, and students, the Adobe Creative Skills Series is a self-paced collection of modules offering micro credentials for social media creation, resume improvement, and more.  Find out more and complete these modules at the link below.

Complete an Adobe Creative Skills micro credential

All Digital Media Suite tutorials, development sessions, and other learning opportunities are open to all eligible students, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, social class, sexual orientation, age or disability.