Junior DH Students Travel to ADHA Leadership Conference in Chicago

Junior DH Students Travel to ADHA Leadership Conference in Chicago

Hollie Fairfax, Naomi Stephens, Amanda Richey, Sue Savage (President of the ADHA), Susan Collier (faculty member), Bridget Danner, Anna Hollmann and Chelsea Bond.

Several students from the Junior Dental Hygiene Class and one faculty member attended the ADHA Leadership Conference in Chicago on January 12th.  Susan Collier (faculty member) and students:  Chelsea Bond, Bridget Danner, Hollie Fairfax, Anna Hollmann, Amanda Richey, and Naomi Stephens attended.  Naomi Stephens, the President of the DH Class of 2014, provided the following description of the experience:

"This past weekend, myself and five other dental hygiene students attended the ADHA conference in Chicago. The topic of the conference was Dental Hygiene in a Changing World. The day was filled with motivating speakers, small group discussions, and breakout sessions, all focusing on how our profession is rapidly changing.

Debra Bachman Zabloudil was the keynote speaker for this event. Her passion and energy permeated the attendees throughout the day. Debra focused on career mapping and offered tips for success and challenged us to grow as professionals in our field. She also led a special student breakout session in which we discussed resume writing, interviewing, and the importance of networking.

Part of the day was spent hearing from a panel of hygienists who are currently working in a setting different than private practice. The different concentrations represented included public health, education, corporate, research, administration, and entrepreneur. Having this panel was a great way to open our eyes, as students, to the multitude of possible career choices outside the clinical setting.

Our profession truly has a wonderful and supportive association. Attending this conference allowed us to experience this first hand.  Upon returning from this event, we were able to share with both the junior and senior dental hygiene classes some of the knowledge and insight we gained by attending. This was important because we feel it is vital for us as students to be more involved, especially locally, to keep our association fully supported.

We loved attending this conference and are currently in the works to get some representation up to Boston this summer for the 100th anniversary annual session!"