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Promoting Excellence in Teaching & Learning in the University Community and Beyond

With a presence on each of the university's campuses, the Delphi Center provides programming and other resources to faculty members that encourage excellence in teaching and foster student learning.

The Delphi Center can help faculty members:

  • Infuse critical thinking skills into curricula
  • Implement new and innovative teaching practices
  • Create new or revise existing curricula with instructional design services
  • Integrate technology into courses
  • Put a program or course online
  • And more…

Learn more about the Delphi Center. Download our latest Annual Report or view our Organization Chart [PDF].

Delphi Center Units

Dr. Kelvin Thompson is the Delphi Center's Vice Provost for Online Strategy and Teaching Innovation. Dr. Thompson began his leadership of the Delphi Center in January 2023.

Teaching and Learning

Belknap Campus

Dr. Jennifer Anderson

Dr. Caroline Boswell

From the annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning conference to the Deans' Forum on Educational Excellence and various workshops, the Delphi Center offers an array of faculty development programs designed to help full-and part-time instructors learn new skills, technologies, or pedagogical methods. The Teaching & Learning unit also provides customized workshop sessions for departments and facilitates the university's teaching award programs such as the annual Faculty Favorites Awards.

Teaching Innovation Learning Lab (TILL)

Belknap Campus

Dr. Jennifer Anderson

The Teaching Innovation Learning Lab (TILL) is a space for faculty-driven exploration and testing of innovative teaching methods that will drive success for the 21st century student at the University of Louisville. Included in the TILL is a technology-rich active learning classroom, three collaborate rooms, and a recording studio.

Instructional Design and Technology

Belknap Campus

Aimee Greene

To support faculty in the integration of technology into their courses, the Delphi Center offers training sessions on Blackboard, classroom response systems, social media, podcasting and other instructional design technologies, in addition to instructional design services and workshops on designing effective online courses.

Blackboard Support

HSC and Belknap Campuses

Alicia Montgomery Dunlap

The Delphi Center is responsible for the administration of and technical support for Blackboard, the university's learning management system. This includes technical and functional support for faculty and staff using Blackboard and associated applications including Panopto and Class Collaborate.

Online Learning

Belknap Campus

Kristen Brown

The Online Learning team coordinates marketing, recruitment and student support for more than 50 fully online bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and certificate programs from across the university. The team also maintains data regarding online students and courses, and assists departments with various administrative aspects of online learning, such as how to put a program online.

Event & Conference Services

Shelby Campus, Founders Union Building

Terry Thompson

With more than 17,000 sq. feet and 14 rooms of modern, renovated space, UofL's Event & Conference Service Center at Shelby Campus can host groups of up to 500 people for single or multi-day meetings or conferences.

Unit Business Office

Shelby Campus, Burhans Hall

Debbie Dearing

The Unit Business Office provides financial, administrative, marketing and human resources support for the Delphi Center units.

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