Statement of Support for Transgender Students

The Counseling Center would like to emphasize our support of transgender students and of the entire LGBTQ community on campus. Our therapists are welcoming and equipped to work with students on their unique journeys of identity development, honoring the self, healing wounds, and building resilience. We acknowledge that people identify across the gender spectrum and each individual deserves a space in public life, including but not limited to a safe place to use the bathroom. Because of this, we made sure to include a restroom in our lobby that welcomes all identities.

We encourage our students to engage in regular self-care activities. This may be things like listening to gender affirming music, hanging out with supportive or queer-identified people, contacting the LGBTQ Center on campus, taking a walk outside, eating well and getting good sleep, engaging in books and media that educate or support your identity, getting involved in local organizations, going to a mindfulness workshop, or even allowing for breaks from news and social media.

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